Meagan Waller

Conditional Binding in Clojure

I've been working on a client project in Clojure for the past month to prepare me for my upcoming pairing tour and challenges. This project has been a blast to be on, and I've definitely leveled up my Clojure skills.... Continue Reading

Mocking Functions in Clojure

I'm relatively new to Clojure, I've built a command line tic-tac-toe in Clojure, and the client project I joined last week is a Clojure project, so I've had about 3 weeks of worth of exposure to Clojure so far. I wrote a blog post about getting started with Clojure where I detailed my vim plugins, my testing framework, and some general environment setup. Going forward with this blog post, we'll assume that everything I outlined in that blog post is still applicable to the examples going forward in this one.... Continue Reading

A Failure is Simply Feedback

Remember that game where someone hides something and they direct you to where it's hiding by only using the phrases "you're getting hotter", and "you're getting colder"? If you were searching for an object and you heard "you're getting colder!" you wouldn't view it as a failure, you wouldn't freeze in place, you'd view it as feedback and go in the other direction. Every instance of hearing "you're getting colder", meant that you knew what direction not to go, and it would lead you to the place where the object was hiding.... Continue Reading

Clojure Katas: FizzBuzz

Anonymous Functions in Clojure

In Clojure we can have functions without names, these unnamed functions are called anonymous functions, or lambda functions. ... Continue Reading

Getting Started with Clojure

I started learning Clojure last Monday. I wrote this post about how I would prepare to learn Clojure. I said there were a few things I'd have to do first to get prepared to learn Clojure. I did both of those things. The first was to set up a development environment, and the second was to set up a testing framework.... Continue Reading